Eneida Moreta – Chiropractic Assistant


My name is Eneida Moreta. I was born in Union City in the state of New Jersey, and I grew up in Delaware. I am currently studying radiology at the Delaware Technical Community College.

My hobbies include traveling I enjoy exploring new places and getting involved in many fun activities. I also like blogging and going to the gym in my spare time. Outside of work, I spend time with my boyfriend and our dog, whom we have named Diva.

I began working at Renu Chiropractic on the 23rd of July 2018 as a Chiropractic assistant. I perform the cold laser and E-stim therapy on the patients as well as helping them with their strengthening exercises. One thing that makes me love Chiropractic is that I help, educate and connect with the patients. I feel happy when I see them get better.


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