Clarise – Chiropractic Assistant


Hi I’m Clarise and I work at ReNu Chiropractic as a Chiropractic Assistant. I’ve been with ReNu for almost two years. How I gained a passion for Chiropractic all started when I was constantly having pain in my back and I was taking ibuprofen 800mg and became real reliant on the medicine to the point if I didn’t take it I would have a great deal of discomfort and could not work to the best of my ability. So I wanted to find a better solution, with expressing that to my PCP, my doctor recommended I see a Chiropractor. I went through a treatment plan and in 5 months I was doing so much better but it wasn’t enough and I couldn’t afford it anymore. Years go by without it and I found myself deciding to do surgery. I was determined to never normalize my pain again and so I went out to look for a job in a chiropractor office and that’s when I met Doris the owner of ReNu. It wasn’t til getting the job I realize that all the pain and discomfort I went through was to help and service people that are in the situation that I once was in. Since starting work at ReNu I’ve gained so much knowledge on this holistic healing that I’ve changed my whole life and being able to continue to share the experience with all our patients makes a awesome feeling everyday I come into work.

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