Milo Woodcock - Office Manager


My name is Milo. I grew up in Saratoga Springs NY (upstate) where I graduated from Saratoga Springs High School in 2007.  After graduating I took a year off and began working as a customer service representative at Saratoga Casino, this turned into 5 years as I worked my way up within the department to become a supervisor.  I finally reached my peak and decided to pursue higher education which brought me to Delaware.  

I moved to Delaware in 2013 and began attending Wilmington University to obtain a business management degree, with goals of establishing in-state residency and finishing my degree with University of Delaware.  Like many things in life, plans changed and I decided to finish my Bachelors in Business Management at Wilmington University which I completed in 2017.  

Upon completion of my degree I did what any new college graduate does and began the long search for a job that could become a career.  Little did I know at the time but my first job out of college, as the front desk at reNu Chiropractic would lead to a lifelong career in Office Management.  As I honed my skills in Human Resources, Management, and Ethical business I was offered the position of Office Manager which I gladly accepted.  

I have been with the company in my current role since January of 2020 and look forward to my continued growth alongside the company, and all the challenges and successes along the way.

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